August 14 2016

Maybe life is like getting caught in a rip . You can panic and drown or you can try and swim against it and drown. OR you can relax and float for awhile then swim along side it , then float for awhile , swim a bit more and eventually you will get back to […]

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August 15 2017

I think what has started happening is that my brain which had  been firmly in married woman mode, is now starting to rewire itself.   It’s remembering the freedom, fun and the possibilities that spontaneity and singledom bring. 

Men pretty much function on single man brain most of their life because their brain and their penis are connected , although possibly it’s more that their brain and their penis are ONE single entity . 

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August 10 2017

When I travelled the first time, my first real travels with my best friend , I was so deliriously excited .

Finally I was getting out and seeing the world .

Finally I was leaving Australia and moving out of that  boring mire and into an exiting future!

And it was AWESOME!

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August 4 2017

I totally am understanding the concept of pairing up . The loneliness is exhausting.   I had some dark moments today .   I got home from cat sitting and the cat grass at my place was dead , puke on the floor , bed needs changing etcetc and of course my happy home is […]

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August 3 2016

At the end of the day most of us , maybe ALL of us want a meaningful purposeful life . We THINK we want millions of dollars ( or the equivalent ) to sit on our arses and do nothing more than sip cocktails on a luxury yacht anchored in an exotic location, but after […]

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July 15 2017

Last night ( this morning ) when I was waking up, you know when sleep starts to  dissolve and reality is starting to overlap the dream mist? Anyway I was dreaming that I was describing my face as I was listening to a story that was being told  . I could see the words coming […]

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