feb 16 2016

Today I was thinking about that saying ” walk a mile in someone else’s shoes ” and I realised what a load of crap that is .

Firstly you shouldn’t have to walk an inch in someone else’s shoes because hopefully you’ve got enough common sense to realise that everyone is different, ( and their shoes won’t fit anyway )(and gross) and that people have their own schedules /jobs /life/ambitions /phobias /fears and that’s ok .

Secondly it’s used as an excuse to try and justify their shitty behavior.

You know from justifying getting rid of their pets, to letting their kids throw things at ducks or frogs or scare dogs tied up outside store (waiting for their guardians )etc .

It’s always the wankers that seem to think you cant possibly be as busy as they are, or as sick or as stressed etc , and thats why they can’t take the time to rehome their pets or teach their kids how to behave, or to stop (while driving ) at a pedestrian walk or to stand up for old people on public transport or look after an aged pet  . Their lives are just TOO much for YOU to understand!

I seem to have met / seen a shitload of people like this and am really hoping it was just my bad luck and NOT because there’s a lot of them out there…….(cue in theme from twilight zone )

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