July 12 2017

I had to start my Cunty Cunty journal .I’m driving my friends mad with my ranting .I need to let it go . Friends can only tolerate so much right ?They have their own lives and their own bullshit to tolerate after all.

I met a girl today who told me her boyfriend broke up with her in an email.A week before, he told her he loved her and a week later he tells her via email it’s over .

Wtf .

Why are nearly all men so stupid ?Well at least he told her I guess. She’s free to move forward .I would still be with goat fucker if I hadnt caught him.(Ok one day soon I promise I wont refer to him as that and go back to referring to him as IT)

I met Slash once .

He told me ” blow jobs don’t count ”

I said ” say WHAT ?”

He said ( and I quote )

“blow jobs don’t count as being unfaithful .”

Men sure have a screwed up sense of fidelity and respect .

I don’t think they understand either when it comes to women .

They have a weird code when it comes to their male friends but it doesn’t apply to girls .

I remember I asked Slash how he would feel if his wife was having someone go down on her …

I remember he wasn’t happy with that picture .


I have to stop thinking of the walls that keep coming up .. that I keep running into , as permanent.

They are more like temporary barriers .

The things behind them ; opportunities, work, love etc are ALL there .

I will not be deterred. And if kicking them down doesn’t work then I will sit and lean  against one , close my eyes , catch my breath,(have a drink or 5) then go check the others and see if they are starting to dissolve, fade, crumble.

I’m not going anywhere .(though I may  not be happy about that)


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