March 20 2017

When I went out today , my iTunes started playing random songs.

The first was
Stargazer . Ok you have my attention , this is about me .
It’s my favourite song and I’ve been a stargazer since I was young ( and I love Dio .)
So it was like it was saying – hello there! Are you ready to hear what you need to know …
Shine on you crazy diamond .                                  I started crying .!!     ” Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond. ”
That really shook me . I’ve been feeling so helpless and coming to grips with this life I can’t get out of , I’ve lost myself .
Tomorrow never knows . Ok wtf
So the future isnt set ….
Heart of the sunrise ;
“Lost on a wave and then after
Dream on on to the heart of the sunrise”

Someone is trying to tell me something .
Something crazy is going to happen .
It’s the weirdest shit . Add that to all the odd sounds that I’ve been hearing at home , and the elevator door that opens and closes at random when I’m in it , like someone is getting in . It happened several times , a few times when others where IN the elevator with me and we all thought how odd it was .
Something weird is going to happen .
I can feel it .

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