July 18 2017

I was thinking , (now that I’m stuck being ill and my ability to actually do anything about my life is on hold,)… no matter how many moves we make , no matter how hard we try , if we don’t watch every single thought we have, we’re fucked .

Like walking down the street and some arse gets in your way , or a taxi almost runs you over, we think
” omg dumb fuck arsewipe “. 
Or thinking ” wtf is she wearing ” or wtf is he looking at” or omg stupid fucking parents who can’t teach their kids to behave ” or ” no way will anything good bloody happen ” or ” why did I marry that loser fucking wanker shit head mother fucker ”

You get the picture .
They are all garbage thoughts .Trash. 

We need quality thoughts.

We shouldn’t be affected by stupid bits and pieces that don’t matter .
We shouldn’t process the mundane but to keep our focus elevated ……….( oh pretty tree , oh lovely warm wind , oh wonderful things will happen ,  hello super cute hot yummy guy😜)

I wonder what can happen if I try that .
The experiment begins .

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