July 19 2017

I am becoming super conscious of my thoughts now .

I think it’s harder these days because of the internet and social media . I don’t mean just because we are bombarded with negative posts or news , it’s because we may be watching our favourite music or guru on YouTube or mailing friends and up pops a notification from someone who posts a zillion times a day, and you HAVE  removed from notifications but somehow,  there they are … AGAIN.

And your mind responds with a ” oh ffs ”

We are so geared to respond now . Texts , line, twitter, FB, instagram , mail and all the other things we have geared to chime and ding .

We are expected to receive notifications .

It’s ok .

It’s our world .

I’m not about to unplug , I am however going to try and not respond negatively.

It’s there? Swipe it away . Let it go as part of the world we live in and choose to not get a negative reaction to it.

No wonder I felt it was easier to stay centered and positive a few decades ago .

This 21st February living is quite a challenge .

Ex Husband is coming home tonight to do his washing .

Notice I refrained from calling him goat fucker ?!…





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