July 15 2017

Last night ( this morning ) when I was waking up, you know when sleep starts to  dissolve and reality is starting to overlap the dream mist?

Anyway I was dreaming that I was describing my face as I was listening to a story that was being told  . I could see the words coming out of the persons mouth like ribbons of swirling glowing light.

I was describing their  flowing  words and my reactions  . And I was describing it beautifully , lyrically , poetically and flawlessly.

I’m not a writer . I only write this blog because it’s me right now  but in that dream I was amazing .

I was semi awake wanting to reach for my phone to blather the words into so I wouldn’t lose them . But I didn’t . The words are gone and there’s  no point to sprain my brain trying to think how it all went .

Maybe it’s inside me somewhere . An inner genius buried under all that’s been . Or maybe it’s a repressed gift lurking around waiting for a chance .





Yeah I got nothin

but brain sprain

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