August 15 2017

Last weekend was a ton of fun.

Despite trying to behave ( and more or less succeeding ) I did go out every night and most of Sunday for drinks and festivities with fun fabulous single girls, caught up with friends who are visiting and flirted with some yummy guys!  ( though 22 no matter how yummy, is just too young to go further than flirting ) ( THOUGH… note to future self ; when yummy guy says “I love your mouth” you KISS HIM and THEN walk away).

I will get the hang of this….

 I think what has started happening, is that my brain which had been firmly in ‘married woman mode’, is now starting to rewire itself.   It’s remembering the freedom, fun and the possibilities that spontaneity and singledom bring. 

Men pretty much function on single man brain most of their life because their brain and their penis are connected , although possibly it’s more that their brain and their penis are ONE single entity .

After a break up the thing that a man seems to miss most is getting his laundry done and the house cleaned, though this is not something he is conscious of until it stops happening and they wake up to the reality that their house isn’t self cleaning.

( there IS an actual person who does clean toilet bowls and bath tubs and sinks and remove all that pesky dust) (🙄)

Oh I’m sure they do miss having someone that’s ALWAYS there for them, but it does seem that we ( women ), are easily replaceable.

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