October 8 2017

Women are not that complicated .
Men always think that we are so difficult to understand .
For me it’s common sense
Women simply want -respect .
When guys are trolling for a woman and flit from girl to girl trying to get lucky , they don’t realize that a potential mate , an intelligent and cool women is unlikely to have anything much to do with them ,
Why ?
We don’t want to feel that we are so easily disposed of and if a guy can’t commit to talking to us for one evening then he’s pretty useless.
So they end up with one of two different types of girls .
One is the smaller percentage of women who are bored, horny and are looking for a quick uncomplicated hook up , but the most likely women they pick up is the girl who stupidly thinks that this guy could be if they are lucky,   ” the one” or at the very least, a boyfriend .
The guy is just looking to get laid and once that happens and the girl is all clingy he’s confused and has no idea why .
Really guys ????
The girls they ACTUALLY want to be with or have a relationship with are the girls who are standing back watching them thinking

” dickhead”.


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