Friday the 13th October 2017

Thinking of my nasty neighbours and what they are teaching their children made me realize how screwed up people are .( well Doh ) it made me think of the crux of this whole crazy neighbour situation and the TRUTH and how far people are willing to go to bend it and ignore it to suit themselves .

The husband calls me names right in front of his little kids .  The wife lies to the police right in front of her kids .  They probably want the best for their children and dream of their kids being happy and making money ( people like that always think money is happiness ) but they are unwilling to see the truth and the consequences of their actions and would rather corrupt their children than to accept any responsibility .

What are they telling their friends about this situation ?

The truth is an unusual and complicated thing .
It’s surrounded by points of view which doesn’t change it but obscures and clouds it .
Then the points of view are absorbed by those who are listening to them who then in turn carry the points of view away and further distort , twist  and drown that truth .
But the truth is still there .
Under all the points of view and liters of opinions , quietly lays the truth .
Not the reasons why of it, all the reasons that took shape and created it but the actual truth . Not the humanity or imperfections of people or excuses , just the truth .
Laying there pure , while people try to manipulate it and change it and  make it serve them .

I often wonder how people can dance around its edges . How they can stare straight at it but choose not to see it .

How they can turn away from it because it makes them uncomfortable , and try and bend it and reshape it to fit their beliefs , to not accept any responsibility.

How complicated people make things …



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