Sunday the 31st 2017

It seems so weird to glance through my photos on my phone and see the moments so clearly defined.
No more photos of IT past March 21… just new friends , party pics , Arizona , lots of group selfies.
This year has sure been crazy .
I want to say it’s the end of that but life has a weird way of constantly  flinging  shit at us  and then continues like nothing much has happened, babies being born ,people getting married , first loves , new passions , new  fashion, rockstars and movies .
Through it all the only constants are friends.
My parents used to try and tell me that family is everything not friends .
That friends were nothing . Of course they actually have no friends and family that don’t really want to have much to do with them and so they sit alone and old .
It’s a good thing I rarely pay attention to much anything other than my own heart .
A heart that’s been broken but through the power of friendship is healing .
You make your own family in this world .
That my friends, you can take to the bank .

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