July 20 2017

Waiting to get my mammogram and ultra sound ( when will they get those Star Trek scanners and get instant results WITHOUT having to cram boobs between plastic plates and then wait for weeks for the results )… Looking around at the efficient nurses,doctors receptionists, and it makes me wonder – What makes all these […]

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July 19 2017

I think it’s harder these days because of the internet and social media -We are so geared to respond now . Texts , line, twitter, FB, instagram , mail and all the other things we have geared to chime and ding .
We are expected to receive notifications .

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March 21 2017

This is my darkest moment . Jax  been having sex with hookers and spending all our money . We don’t have insurance because of that . I can’t go to the doctor because of that. He’s killed us .

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March 20 2017

When I went out today , my iTunes started playing random songs. The first was Stargazer . Ok you have my attention , this is about me . It’s my favourite song and I’ve been a stargazer since I was young ( and I love Dio .) So it was like it was saying – […]

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May 29 2017

Feeling a little ughh . Sad melancholy and out of sorts . Still it’s not worse than when I was with IT . Sitting on the canal with the sun in my face. I feel more cheerful . The sun does that I guess. I would really love to travel more and have financial stability […]

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